Just Bear The Risks In Mind!

Buying a used car at auction can be a fantastic way of grabbing a real bargain. Pricewise, it’s impossible to pay over the odds; if you win, you pay what you were prepared to part with. As long as you keep your bidding hand in check, you can pick up a car for a fraction of its street value. But it’s not a simple process of turning up, paying and driving away in the sale of the century. There are certain things to consider; bear them in mind and you can enjoy both the auction and your new car without too much worry.

Seeing The Car Before Bidding

For many auction houses and online sellers, a bid can be considered a legally binding contract. Would you buy a house without looking through it first and undertaking a thorough survey? For any physical auction where you’re in the company of other bidders, there is normally the opportunity to peruse the vehicle before the auction begins. Bidders are generally welcome to bring mechanics with them to take a professional look around. For any online auction, it is always worth asking the seller if you can visit and take a look around the vehicle before bidding. If this is not an option, you should probably be asking yourself what’s wrong with the car.

Checking The Paperwork

As well as a physical check, always perform a check for any outstanding finance agreements, police warrants and insurance claims. There is nothing worse than buying a car and promptly having it taken off you because of the previous owner’s indiscretions.

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