How to Store Your Used Car Collection

Chances are that your used car collection is your pride and joy. In order to keep your collection in tip top condition you will want to implement a number of tools and devices into your garage. From car movers to car covers, there are so many different car storage related items on the market that it can be difficult to know what will be best for your needs. We reveal several simple yet highly effective tips that will help you to properly store your used car collection.

Car Movers

Car mover will let you safely move your used vehicles without having to turn on the engine. Stringo are one of them most respected brands in the car moving industry, and with a range of models to choose from there is something for all tastes and budget.

Invest in a Quality Cover

If you plan on storing your used car inside for a long period of time then you should also invest in a car cover. These covers will protect the car from dust, dirt and moisture. If possible, choose a high quality cover which is designed for use on the exact model of used car that you want to store.

Clean the Interior

It may sound obvious, but you should always give the interiors of the used cars a thorough clean before you put them into storage. Rubbish will only rot and leave a bad smell, or worse, cause permanent damage to the interior of your car.

Battery Maintenance

Another top tip is to disconnect the battery if you plan on storing the car for a long time. You can also put a small amount of petroleum jelly onto the outer terminals to help prevent rust.

Follow the above tips and you will be on your way to correctly storing your used car collection. Good luck!